Smart Cities

Smart cities are vulnerable to two kinds of attacks. One targeting utilities and the other targeting the command and control center of a smart city. In the words of a prominent security researcher, as of today, it is easier to hack into a smart city than hacking into a phone. Small wonder that every year since 2010, utility companies and other smart city components have witnessed at least one major attack culminating either in public nuisance or in revenue losses.

smart cities
higher education

Higher Education

60 percent of top 50 colleges and universities around the world have deployed an innovation lab on their premises. A lab serves to expand your student engagement drive, drives innovation and strengthens your placement initiatives. It fortifies your brand and pushes your campus into a leadership league of its own serving to attract high potential students.


Defense establishments and assets are constantly in the cross hairs of hackers, geo-political adversaries and other special interest groups. Often, malware targeted towards vital installations is found lurking in the IT infrastructure of such establishments. By the time they are detected and isolated, critical data is exfiltrated and systems rendered inoperable. Such attacks can do more damage than an actual instance of combat.

defence IoT
industrial iot

Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things presents new opportunities for manufacturing transformation through technology. This is especially true for enterprises that harness the promise of IIoT to improve business processes and for governments that look to IIoT to improve infrastructure and the provision of vital services.

Connected Assets

As many as 33 percent of all telematics projects will suffer from some form of breach in the next eight months. It is essential that the gravity of the problem is understood and acted upon.

IoT and telematics have been joined at the hip since some quite a while now. IoT-powered telematics has become one of the biggest segments within IoT in the last half a decade. As telematics systems integrate with, and evolve into, a larger web of connected devices, privacy and technology security advocates have started asking questions on the resilience of the system.

connected assets
telecom IoT


The Internet of Things has introduced new security challenges for telecom operators. With the average enterprise reporting 446 intrusions (PwC), companies are getting increasingly concerned about IoT security. As new PoCs take off and projects moving from PoC to full-fledged deployment, latent vulnerabilities and risks get exposed threatening the data integrity within networks owned or serviced by telcos.

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