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As many as 20% of organisations have experienced at least one IoT-based attack in the past three years, according to a survey conducted by global research firm Gartner. In 2018 businesses in the region moved closer to adopting a comprehensive set of measures to protect their IoT deployments and associated value.
Attacks on IoT deployments can derail projects, increase project costs, reduce stakeholder confidence and expose vital data to misuse. Since many projects are still at a nascent stage, paying attention to security is not just important but is a downright necessity.

Research by multiple analyst firms has also shown that security is the key factor for unlocking value and demand from IoT deployments.

Subex is working closely with businesses, government bodies, institution for higher education, regulatory agencies, telecom operators and partners to secure the IoT ecosystem in Europe. We have a comprehensive suite of offerings designed to enable the highest level of protection for IoT projects. These offerings are powered by threat intelligence gathered from around the world through our global honeypot network.

Whether you are a telecom operator with M2M deployments, an enterprise running an IoT PoC, a government body striving to protect stakeholder data or a smart city project management agency, you cannot afford to ignore IoT security. Which is why you need a partner like Subex to take care of IoT security for you.

Only Subex understands the niche needs of IoT stakeholders in APAC. Which is why you should talk to us to learn how your connected assets and data can be secured by us.

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