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Securing IoT and OT: are you committing this cardinal mistake?

According to a report in the Tech Republic, companies have been relaxing their cybersecurity controls during the pandemic. While this is an obviously and patently a wrong move, research by Subex has revealed an embedded reason behind the emergence of such practices.

When companies began asking employees to work from home. Cybersecurity team suddenly had to deal with an explosion of threat surfaces. Some small and medium businesses also started using untested communication and collaboration applications that compounded the security problem. With teams being distracted, hackers found it easier to slip deceptive emails through and thus began a long chain of breaches. Some of them continue to this day.

Cybersecurity Threats

Businesses often fear that security solutions could end up slowing them down. The perceived lack of digital empathy in systems and processes designed to improve cybersecurity gives businesses the impression that productivity and efficiency need to be sacrificed to secure their businesses. Even small hurdles such as a small lag in getting data are turning to be significant barriers for increasing the level of cybersecurity or enforcing it more stringently.

Digital empathy, therefore, needs to underpin the development of security tools so that such perceptions are addressed.

Is this true for your business as well?

Defense-in-depth with digital empathy
Subex Secure is a mature solution that is built with digital empathy at its core. While we offer the highest levels of IoT and OT cybersecurity, we also ensure that your employees never have to turn a function off or degrade the overall cybersecurity posture to gain efficiency. Here is a testament to this statement. Subex Secure, works for you and with you

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Cyber resilience through deception

Organizations are leaving no stone unturned in their effort to improve their cybersecurity posture. Be it SIEM, EDR, deep network analysis, behavioral analytics and more. Yet, there is no respite from bad actors operating with impunity. Cyber peace of mind is still elusive.

Security through deception

Hackers move very fast. They run scans to easily scan, determine what is exploitable, and step back before you figure out their game. It is unlikely that you will be able to match pace with their speed. So, you need cybersecurity solutions that cannot be detected and can deceive these hackers.

IOT Cyber Threats

Department of Homeland Security and NIST frameworks now mandate deception technology. MITRE has introduced the Shield knowledge base, to encourage active defense and adversary engagement approaches. Deception, tech makes it harder for attackers to find their targets and wastes their efforts while slowing down attacks. A simple example of deception is planting fake and deceptive resources embedded with stealthy capabilities abilities such as setting up a beacon in a file. When a hacker opens or copies that file an alert is triggered.

When you organize a distributed deception strategy, attackers will be forced to encounter and engage deceptions realistic enough even on systems with low-risk. Their actions then trigger positive alerts that are 100 percent genuine giving cybersecurity teams enough time to stop them. Thus, deception is a proactive defense strategy that avoids the traditional wait and watch game.

Deceive to defeat
Such an approach to cybersecurity is a must if you want to tie-down bad actors and present a strong sense of cyber deterrence to them as part of a holistic cybersecurity strategy. By using distributed deception, you can keep your cyber adversaries chasing worthless cyber mirages while your security team takes them down. Your digital crown jewels are neatly stashed away safe from harm.


Defense-in-depth with layered digital deception
Subex Secure Cyber Deception is a mature solution that is built with layered digital randomness to confuse your adversaries. It works to deceive at multiple levels including networks, assets, data and people. Thus, it keeps hackers chasing a series of endless loops of perceived valuable assets while you identify and eliminate them.

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Read our latest threat landscape report to learn about cyber threats you need to know about.

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