big basket of cyberthreats

A big basket of cyberthreats

In the last few weeks, there have been a few major cyber attacks on Indian companies. The most notable one was that of a start-up whose customer data was released on the Dark Web because they refused to pay ransom to the hacker group behind the breach. The data belonging to over 2 crore customers was up for sale for USD 40,000.

Are Indian companies that vulnerable to cyberattacks? The answer is yes. A combination of poor cybersecurity posture, lack of employee sensitivity, attention from state-backed hacker groups located in countries with adversarial intent, and sheer apathy towards embracing basic cybersecurity hygiene practices have started to hurt.

Cyber Threats for all Business

Subex’s research has found that in many cases, an increased cybersecurity budget denoted money spent in putting systems back online after a breach. Our researchers were among the first ones to call out attention to the cyber threat posed by the ongoing pandemic to businesses.

We were also the first cybersecurity vendor to identify and call out the persistent threat from 3 groups based in a neighboring country that were targeting us.

Subex understands the landscape, threats, the actors, malware involved, and ways to defeat the machinations of these actors. This is why our solutions are fully geared to improve your cybersecurity posture and degrade the potency of online threats.

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