Rising IoT and OT Cyberthreats: Code Orange declared

As a new month emerges, it is time to revisit institutional cybersecurity practices and align it with the threat levels in cyberspace. For the second month in a row, the threat research team of Subex Secure reported a steep rise in cyberattacks. There is also increased appearance of certain code words in the Dark Web and hacker forums that point to an imminent increase in cyber risks and the threat of a major cyberattack.

This means increased risk of sophisticated cyberattacks, hacking, malicious activity, leading to a significant compromise in core systems and infrastructure as also service outages due to Denial-of-Service attacks. Increasing threats so early this year clearly indicates the need to be on alert and increase cyber vigil.

The above trends could be attributed to these developments that manifested in the second half of 2020:

  • Successful breaches have led to hackers getting hold of network and core infrastructure information and possibly even credentials.
  • Extensive supply chain poisoning carried out by state-backed actors have led to a significant degradation of the overall cybersecurity posture of businesses, governments, and large enterprises.
  • Hackers have learnt a lot in 2020. They have done their homework and have collected reams of information of human behavior in various scenarios in order to engineer an insider-driven breach through psyops techniques.
  • Industrial control systems, unsecured data lakes, network gateways low power IoT devices and even secluded networks have turned into easy targets for hackers.

Subex Secure can help detect and prevent these attacks. Our offerings include an IoT-OT cybersecurity solution, a threat intelligence product, in-situ, greenfield and ex-situ SOC services.

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