Supply chain poisoning is an imminent concern

Recently, the Government Accountability Office, the US government watchdog found that cybersecurity practices for 5 major weapon systems were inadequate. There were security gaps in the acquisition process, with three of five programs reviewed lacking any cybersecurity requirements in their contract awards.

This also means:

  • Supply chain poisoning and contamination and trojanising input lines remains a source of concern
  • Critical projects could be compromised at will by hacker groups
  • Core system and infrastructure can be rendered inoperable or inaccessible during times of crisis to degrade the quality of response
  • Laterally moving malware could target other wings of the US government as well by exploiting such vulnerabilities

Improving cybersecurity posture is all about working consistently with diligence and discipline to address gaps and vulnerabilities. It also requires a solution that can prevent such gaps from impacting your infrastructure while you work to address them.

Subex Secure is a proven and hardened cybersecurity solution that can secure networks, devices, and converged environments. Features such as early threat detection, comprehensive threat intelligence, multi-level detection capabilities, device discovery, and a high level of anomaly sensitivity render it a vital piece of your cyber armor.

We can set up a no-obligation proof of concept demo to show how it can protect your business. Talk to us now. Don’t wait till you are breached.

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